Rodgin Cohen Says Bank Deregulation Is Dwarfed by Economic Considerations on Bloomberg TV

March 23, 2018

On March 23, Rodgin Cohen discussed trade war, deregulation and financial institutions with David Westin and Julia Chatterley on Bloomberg TV's “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.” “If you ask any bank and give it the choice, would you rather have more deregulation or a strong, fairly shared economy, I think the vast majority would opt for the latter,” Rodgin said in response to David's question about whether bank deregulation is dwarfed by the possibility of a trade war. Regarding whether there will be Dodd-Frank rollback legislation soon, Rodgin said, “Certainly Senator Crapo's bill is a major step in the right direction for the under $10 billion banks, whether it is relief from Volcker… or relief from some of the more onerous capital requirements, there are real steps in the right direction.”