Rodgin Cohen Quoted in LexisNexis article on Tax Reform’s Impact on M&A

January 9, 2018

On January 9, Rodgin Cohen was quoted in a LexisNexis article titled “M&A Could Get Shot in the Arm from Tax Reform,” which discusses varied opinions regarding the recent tax bill's impact on bank M&A. While some expect to see a major increase in M&A this year, others suggest that it could take time before tax reform translates to increased deal activity. Rodgin noted that banks' sentiments about themselves, which is usually based on their stock price, can largely determine the probability of M&A activity. According to Rodgin, banks are more apt to pursue acquisitions “when they feel good about themselves… If you have substantially more earnings and just maintain  your price-to-earnings multiple, you'll have a higher stock price. You'll feel good about yourself. Then you tend to do more deals.”