Rodge Cohen Interviewed by Of Counsel

February 29, 2016

In its February edition, Of Counsel published an interview with Mr. Cohen titled “The 'Iconic' S&C Leader Cohen Conducts Himself with a Down-to-Earth Style.” In the interview, Mr. Cohen discussed some of his favorite matters of his career, what excites him about practicing law, future hurdles the legal profession must face, the importance of diversity in the legal profession and what sets S&C apart from its peers, among other topics. When asked how he keeps going, Mr. Cohen replied, “The problems change every day. Five and a half years ago, for example, there was no Dodd-Frank Act, so nobody had to worry about the thousands of pages and all the issues that come up because of it. One of the constant themes in this interview is problem-solving and there's always a whole new range of problems to solve. That keeps me going.”