Rodge Cohen Interviewed in Crain’s New York Business

February 4, 2015

On February 4, Crain's New York Business published an interview with Mr. Cohen titled “A view of the market by the 'overlord of capitalism.'” When asked what banking clients are most interested in these days, Mr. Cohen answered, “Today there are four critical areas. Enforcement has become so incredibly ramped up, the penalties so much more severe and the ground rules less and less clear. Second, there are so many regulations with questions about how you interpret and apply them. Third, bank mergers have been moribund but are beginning to show signs of stirring. And the fourth issue that's starting to grab hold is activist investors targeting banks.” Later in the interview, discussing possible culture problems at banks, and whether there is a lack of respect for the law, Mr. Cohen said, “The problem is less culture writ broad and, more significantly, subcultures writ small. In areas of the bank, you can have subcultures that are contradictory to the overall culture of the bank. I think the real effort has to be to create a universal culture that's applied and respected.”