Rodge Cohen Interviewed By American Banker on Bank M&A Activity Given Current Regulatory Pressures

July 20, 2016

On July 20, American Banker published an interview with Mr. Cohen titled “Dealmaking Vet Rodgin Cohen on Bank M&A, Reg Pressures.” In the interview, Mr. Cohen discussed how M&A activity will increase as banks adjust to current regulatory conditions, saying, “I think we will see an increase in deals when banks learn to accommodate regulatory expectations. If not directly, at least indirectly, the banking industry has paid tremendously for the financial crisis with this low rate environment. That may be good for the economy, but it is certainly bad for banks.” Mr. Cohen went on to cover the kind of regulatory issue that banks are facing, tips on how to avoid unwanted attention on a deal and what future deals may look like when larger banks return to M&A, among other topics.