Garrard Beeney Quoted in Intellectual Asset Management Article on Patent Pools

May 5, 2017

In the May/June issue of Intellectual Asset Management, Garrard Beeney was quoted in an article titled “E pluribus unum – the continuing evolution of patent pools.” The article, which explores the history and potential future of patent pools, mentions Garrard in connection with the MPEG-2 pool, a successful pool that he helped structure in the 1990s. He notes that this particular pool structure “was something that the regulators could support” and struck “an appropriate balance between generating a return for patent owners and a reasonable royalty rate for using the technology.” Garrard also spoke about how today's owners of the intellectual property behind 4G LTE technology have suffered from attempting to license the mobile industry separately rather than through a pool. “Look at the costs they've incurred by going it on their own in terms of litigation and regulatory fees,” he said. “Then think about what the returns could have been with a properly structured pool; it's not clear that bilateral licensing is better than the aggregation approach.”