Garrard Beeney Named Litigator of the Week by The American Lawyer for Obtaining $814.9 Million Arbitration Award for Blackberry

April 14, 2017

On April 14, The American Lawyer named Garrard Beeney Litigator of the Week for his work in obtaining an $814.9 million arbitration award for BlackBerry in a royalties dispute with Qualcomm. The case was particularly complex due to conflicting interpretations of documents related to the royalties disagreement. “The fear you have as a trial lawyer is the points you want to make are being lost in the sort of whack-a-mole,” Garrard said of the need to focus his arguments in the midst of such a complicated case. He had to present evidence about how both BlackBerry and Qualcomm had understood the deal at the time the relevant documents were drafted, as well as about how each company acted since. As such, the S&C team had to be careful about which pieces of evidence to include and which to fight to exclude. Garrard also spoke about the support the junior members of his trial team provided. “My associates went toe-to-toe with relatively experienced partners on the other side and more than held their own,” he said.