Frank Aquila Quoted in TechCrunch Article on Verizon’s Request for Discount After Yahoo Data Breach

October 6, 2016

On October 6, Mr. Aquila was quoted in a TechCrunch article titled “Report: Verizon wants $1 billion discount after Yahoo privacy concerns.” The article discussed Verizon's request for a $1 billion discount off its pending $4.8 billion acquisition of Yahoo following revelations of a data breach. TechCrunch reported there are concerns that Yahoo was aware of the breach and failed to adequately disclose the information at the time of signing. Verizon alleges that this purported lack of transparency could affect Yahoo's reputation and therefore its stock prices. “The key will be what was actually disclosed by Yahoo before signing,” Mr. Aquila said of the likelihood that Verizon will succeed in its request for a discount. “No one should be surprised that Verizon wants a significant reduction.”