Frank Aquila Quoted on Swift Pace of M&A in Wall Street Journal

July 1, 2018
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Frank Aquila was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article on the swift pace of M&A in 2018 year-to-date titled “M&A Market Headed for a Record, Powered by Tech Disruption, AT&T Ruling,” published on July 1. Frank spoke about how the ruling that AT&T could proceed with its acquisition of Time Warner could encourage companies considering large, transformative deals to move forward. “What I took away from that decision is that the courts aren't going to allow U.S. antitrust enforcement to veer from the traditional path, and that they'll take a 21st-century view of the competitive landscape,” he said. He also noted that even trade conflict could end up having a positive impact on M&A, saying, “When you talk about trade wars and tariffs, companies deal with that by having as much capability as possible in the markets they serve.”