Frank Aquila Discusses Market Selloff and M&A Impact on CNBC's Closing Bell

August 24, 2015

On August 24, Mr. Aquila discussed the global equity markets' precipitous selloff and its potential impact on M&A with CNBC anchor Kelly Evans on Closing Bell. Mr. Aquila told Ms. Evans that “one of the big concerns… in the last couple of months, is that equity prices, particularly of takeover targets, were getting ahead of where the value was.” He continued, “This sort of selloff is a little bit more than you would have hoped for but at least it keeps equity prices constrained,” and noted that this would likely lead to continued M&A activity later in the year. Mr. Aquila pointed out that late summer, when there is typically a lull in M&A activity, is an ideal time for such a selloff since there will be hopefully be restored stability in the equity markets by Labor Day.