Frank Aquila Discusses the Evolution of Dealmaking in Brunswick Review

March 7, 2018
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Frank Aquila discussed his 2018 M&A predictions and how dealmaking has evolved in a Brunswick Review interview titled “Legal rebel.” Frank spoke about what surprised him in M&A in 2017, how federal tax reform could affect M&A and how the Trump Administration's policies could impact dealmaking, among other topics. “M&A has really become institutionalized, just a part of how companies manage their capital structure. In the same way that companies have to decide, 'Am I going to buy back stock?' 'Am I going to issue equity, or debt?', companies also realize that they have to decide, 'Am I going to make acquisitions?'” Frank said. “In the '80s M&A was more of a swashbuckling, Saturday-night-special, all-hands-on-deck style of dealmaking. But it's changed, and that's a good thing.”