Frank Aquila Discusses Effects of‎ E.U. Referendum and Possible Brexit on Global M&A on Bloomberg TV

June 20, 2016

On June 20, Mr. Aquila appeared on Bloomberg TV with Bloomberg Global M&A Editor Jeff McCracken and Bloomberg TV anchors Scarlet Fu and Alix Steel to discuss the impact of the uncertainty created by the upcoming E.U. referendum in the U.K. and the possibility for Brexit. ‎Regarding the low volume of recent deal activity, Mr. Aquila was asked if the upcoming E.U. referendum was slowing the pace of U.K. M&A, Mr. Aquila responded that “it's actually affecting deals beyond the U.K.” Mr. Aquila also said that one of the main reasons for the slowdown is that the “M&A market dislikes any degree of uncertainty, and this is huge uncertainty.” Mr. Aquila also discussed that if there is a Brexit, there is a high likelihood for short term volatility in the British Pound and that would have a direct effect on cross-border M&A activity in the near future.