Frank Aquila Comments on Current Dealmaking Activity and Business Confidence

April 25, 2014

A Fox Business article titled, “Big M&A: The Return of the Mega Deal?” reported on the favorable outlook of M&A activity. The article examined the increase in M&A volume since 2007, noting the rise in the volume of deals rather than the number of deals. Mr. Aquila spoke to Fox Business about current and projected dealmaking activity, calling it a “perfect storm.” He said, “There is rising business confidence, relatively low borrowing costs and significant cash on the balance sheets of most large strategic buyers.” Industries with high activity include healthcare, telecommunications and technology M&A. Mr. Aquila noted, “As we have seen in the healthcare sector, deals in a particular sector can lead to pressure on others in the sector to react and make their own acquisitions.” Despite recent lackluster years, Mr. Aquila is confident the expected M&A boom will finally occur in 2014.