New York State Department of Labor Issues Final Guidance on Sexual Harassment Prevention Policies and Training: Revised Materials Clarify That Training Deadline Is October 9, 2019 – Not January 1, 2019 as Previously Stated

Sullivan & Cromwell LLP - October 10, 2018

New York State enacted this year a sweeping anti-sexual harassment law with anti-sexual harassment training and policy requirements applicable to every employer in New York State. In late August, the New York State Department of Labor issued draft model documents for employer anti-sexual harassment policies and training programs. On October 1, the Department issued final model documents and Frequently Asked Questions, which addressed many of the ambiguities in the original drafts. Most notably, the deadline for the required annual interactive anti-sexual harassment training was extended to October 9, 2019. This memorandum summarizes the revised content in the model documents and FAQs.