The Network of Black & Latinx Lawyers (NOBLL) was established to further Sullivan & Cromwell's commitment to diversity by enhancing the professional development of Black and Latinx lawyers at the Firm.

NOBLL is designed to provide its members with information and opportunities that will help them fulfill their personal and professional development goals while at S&C. NOBLL is structured to provide its members with the tools to maneuver through their legal career in the most efficient and successful manner possible. NOBLL has three committees that focus on categorized areas for each members' success: (1) Professional and Personal Development, (2) Pro Bono and Community Development, and (3) Student Outreach. The primary goals of each committee are provided below.

Professional and Personal Development 
  • Plan programs and events that will enhance each member's professional and personal goals, assist members with achieving their professional and personal milestones and raise the professional profile of each member within the Firm;
  • Hold structured NOBLL meetings (monthly or bi-monthly) hosted by a member, and focused on specific areas of professional development;
  • Collaborate with other associate networks and the S&C Professional Development Department to provide additional programming; and
  • Plan and promote more networking opportunities (internally and externally) to assist NOBLL members with getting to know one another and other lawyers at the Firm; as well as assist with outreach to the external legal community.
Pro Bono and Community Development
  • Facilitate the involvement of NOBLL members in pro bono work targeting minority communities;
  • Partner with pro bono organizations and community groups to adopt projects that will strengthen the professional skills of NOBLL members; and
  • Enhance S&C's involvement and support of Black and Latinx pro bono organizations and community groups.
Student Outreach
  • Enhance relationships with campus affinity groups and other minority organizations at local and national law schools;
  • Participate in outreach to prospective Black and Latinx candidates, particularly at those law schools not included in OCI; and
  • Develop a strong partnership with the S&C Recruiting Department through increased communication and structured collaboration in the recruitment of Black and Latinx candidates.
Sullivan & Cromwell and our individual lawyers are also proud to support professional and student organizations dedicated to the Black and Latinx communities, such as:
  • Association of Black Women Attorneys
  • LatinoJustice PRLDEF
  • Metropolitan Black Bar Association
  • NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. (LDF)
  • Sponsors for Educational Opportunity
  • BLSA, BALSA, LALSA and La Alianza groups at various schools
The Network of Black & Latinx Lawyers chairs are: Ana González and Kamil Shields.

In its most recent rankings, Multicultural Law Magazine named S&C to the following lists:
  •  “Top 100 Law Firms for Diversity”
  • “Top 50 Law Firms for Partners”
  • “Top 50 Law Firms for Associates”
  • “Top 100 Law Firms for Women”
  • “Top 25 Law Firms for Asian Americans”

To see additional honors S&C has received for its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, see Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Recognitions.