Melissa Sawyer Interviewed by Wall Street Journal

June 4, 2021

Melissa Sawyer spoke to Wall Street Journal reporters Emily Glazer and Theo Francis about how CEOs are being held accountable when it comes to achieving diversity goals. The article, “CEO Pay Increasingly Tied to Diversity Goals,” examines the growing pressure on companies—from institutional investors, customers, and employees—to get serious about recruiting more women and minorities, as well as doing their part to fight racism. One way companies are attempting this: tying executive compensation to specific goals.

“Historically, investors focused primarily on pay for performance, but performance was really measured as total shareholder return,“ Melissa told the Wall Street Journal.” This idea of performance also being measured relative to ESG—culture, diversity, social variables—that's a newer concept that's emerging and I think we're going to start to see more of it over time.”

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