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Stephen K. West

Senior Counsel

Stephen K. West

Senior Counsel
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Stephen K. West joined Sullivan & Cromwell in 1957, became a partner in 1964 and became senior counsel in 1997.

During the period he was a partner, Mr. West was actively involved in numerous significant corporate and securities matters for both domestic and international clients of the Firm. Major projects for which he was responsible include the organization and financing of the Mt. Newman iron ore mine in Australia for a joint venture of American Metal Climax, Broken Hill and Colonial Sugar at a time when the legal concepts involved in a joint venture were brand new to the Australian business community.

Mr. West was responsible for the affairs of two major clients of the Firm, Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and ING Groep N.V.

Mr. West was also actively involved working with investment companies and learning the “intricacies and peculiarities” of the Investment Company Act of 1940 under the guidance of Alfred Jaretzki, Jr., one of the drafters of the legislation. In 1970, Mr. West drafted the first substantial amendments to the Investment Company Act of 1940 on behalf of the Firm’s client, the Investment Company Institute. Subsequently, his practice became very active with international financial and banking clients, acquisitions and tender offers.

Non-Profit Organizations

Atlantic Salmon Federation (Director)

Historic Morven, Inc., Princeton, NJ (Trustee)