Latin Lawyer: The Guide to Corporate Crisis Management, Fourth Edition

December 15, 2021

Despite the hardships of the pandemic, Latin America remains a region of promise for businesses and financial institutions seeking to expand their footprint, grow their customer base, and seize new opportunities. However, as the pandemic has illustrated, crises can emerge suddenly and unexpectedly. When that happens, the right preparation can mean the difference between success and failure.

To help leaders plan for and manage a range of complex and multifaceted crisis situations, for the fourth year, Sullivan & Cromwell has collaborated with Latin Lawyer and other global organizations and law firms to produce The Guide to Corporate Crisis Management, Fourth Edition. The Guide gathers the perspectives of dozens of lawyers and other crisis management professionals and presents practical strategies for business leaders across a variety of jurisdictions, disciplines, and practices areas. As these authors explain, the types of crises that can arise in Latin America are tremendously diverse and do not lend themselves to a “one size fits all” approach.

Drawing on their industry-leading expertise in crisis management and Latin America, S&C partners Sergio J. Galvis, Robert J. Giuffra Jr. and Werner Federico Ahlers served as editors to the Guide and authored an introduction on how to manage crises effectively. In addition, S&C lawyers authored three chapters.

1. Crisis Management as a Tool for Approaching Shareholder Activism, by Werner Ahlers and Sergio Galvis

  • How companies and their directors in Latin America can draw on crisis management techniques and strategies from the United States to prepare for activist campaigns
  • Why boards of directors of Latin American companies should reevaluate traditional shareholder relations models and responses, including recognizing that activists are increasingly pursuing ESG initiatives
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2. Practical Considerations for Achieving Global Resolutions in Cross-Border Investigations, by Kathleen McArthur, Aisling O’Shea and Olivia Chalos
  • Why companies should consider aiming for global resolutions in multilateral investigations, and in which  circumstances pursuing a global resolution may not be the best option
  • How companies can be prepared for multilateral investigations, including by making critical early decisions that can lay the groundwork for coordination at later stages
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3. United States Bankruptcy Proceedings for Latin American Corporates, by Andy Dietderich, Jim Bromley and Fabio Weinberg
  • Why business professionals and non-U.S. practitioners dealing with potential insolvencies of Latin American companies should consider whether U.S. law can provide them with useful reorganization tools
  • How Chapter 11 proceedings or Chapter 15 proceedings under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code can support a home country reorganization

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