Jay Clayton Comments on United States-China Trade Relations on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box’

November 1, 2022

Jay Clayton, Senior Policy Advisor and Of Counsel to Sullivan & Cromwell and former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, appeared on CNBC's “Squawk Box” to discuss the United States' relationship with China and whether it's time for U.S. companies to scale back operations there.
Jay said that while the United States will remain deeply integrated with China, he expects some pullback. Disruptions in China have affected supply chains in the United States and have impacted inflation. Equally, Jay noted that China does not want to be over-reliant on the West and the United States.
In analyzing the drivers of inflation, Jay said that inflation did not come down as fast as experts predicted, in part because of the United States' de-integration with China. Jay also noted that companies are not able to increase supply as they have in the past.
Watch the conversation here.