Insider Profiles S&C Team Representing BlockFi in Landmark SEC and State Settlements

March 8, 2022

Insider profiled the S&C team advising BlockFi Lending as it entered into landmark settlements with the SEC and 32 state securities regulators clarifying regulatory questions surrounding cryptocurrency lending practices  BlockFi Lending is the first company to settle with the SEC or state regulators regarding interest-bearing crypto accounts.  In connection with the settlement, BlockFi Lending's parent, BlockFi Inc., became the first company to announce plans to register with the SEC a new interest-bearing crypto account product. "They haven't made us any promises, but we're optimistic that this will be successfully registered," said Steve Peikin. The article highlighted Steve and several other members of the S&C team, including Jamie McDonald, Julia Malkina, Bob Buckholz, Rick Wertheim, Andrew Gerlach, Jeff Hochberg, Brad Harsch, Tracey Russell, Mario Schollmeyer and Amanda Shami.