Funds Associated With Oaktree Capital Management Consummate Debt Recapitalization Transaction With OxfordBiomedica

June 29, 2017

On June 29, funds associated with S&C client Oaktree Capital Management consummated a debt recapitalization transaction with OxfordBiomedica. The Oaktree funds provided a $55,000,000 secured term loan to Oxford the proceeds of which were used to refinance Oxford's existing debt held by Oberland Capital. In addition, Oaktree received warrants exercisable for 4.0 percent of Oxford's fully diluted share capital. 

The S&C team included Ari Blaut, Agnieszka Rafalska and Korey Inglin. Tim Emmerson, Ben Perry and Victor Siek advised on the warrants. Presley Warner, Simone Benton, Anna Hagan and Jessica Edge advised on U.K. security arrangements. Nader Mousavi, Rachel Yu, Justin Orr and Ali Amirmahani advised on intellectual property. Ronald Creamer, Saul Brander and Daniel Bleiberg advised on U.S. tax, and Andrew Thomson and Emma Hardwick advised on U.K. tax.