Frank Aquila Serves as Editor of Shareholder Rights and Activism Review

November 2, 2020

Frank Aquila, S&C’s global head of M&A, served as editor of the recently published fifth edition of Shareholder Rights and Activism Review, a Law Business Research publication. The volume, which serves as a primer on the legal framework and emerging trends of shareholder activism around the globe, consists of 16 chapters covering developments in 16 jurisdictions around the world.
In his preface, Frank notes that shareholder activism has become “a prominent, and likely permanent, feature of the corporate landscape,” and adds that “[t]he outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 caused an unprecedented economic crisis that has further heightened focus on corporate governance,” testing companies’ oversight, coordination and leadership capabilities. “Although the covid-19 pandemic has decreased activist campaign activity in the short-term, practitioners generally expect to see activism activity return with full force in the next year,” Frank writes.
In addition to serving as editor of the volume, Frank also authored the United States chapter. Frank has served as editor of every edition of Shareholder Rights and Activism Review. S&C associate Lauren Boehmke also provided assistance both on the United States chapter and in editing the volume, as she has in each edition since the first.

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