Frank Aquila Serves as Editor of Shareholder Rights and Activism Review

September 10, 2021

Frank Aquila, S&C’s global head of M&A, served as editor of the sixth edition of The Shareholder Rights and Activism Review, a Law Business Research publication. The volume serves as a primer on the legal framework and emerging trends of shareholder activism around the globe. It consists of 17 chapters examining issues related to shareholder activism in 17 jurisdictions around the globe.
In his preface, Frank notes that in the years since the last financial crisis, “shareholder activism has been on the rise around the world,” with shareholders taking “a broad range of actions to leverage their ownership position to influence company behaviour.” He writes that the COVID-19 pandemic and other political and cultural events of 2020 have “further heightened” focus on corporate governance as well as environmental, social and political considerations impacting public companies.

In addition to serving as editor of the volume, Frank also authored the United States chapter. Frank has served as editor of every edition of Shareholder Rights and Activism Review. S&C associate Lauren Boehmke also provided assistance both on the United States chapter and in editing the volume, as she has in each edition since the first. To learn more, click here.