Frank Aquila and Sergio Galvis Named Among the Best Law Firm Writers of 2010 by the Burton Awards for Legal Achievement

April 23, 2010

The Burton Awards for Legal Achievement announced that Mr. Aquila and Mr. Galvis have been named among the Best Law Firm Writers of 2010 for their article titled, “Latin American Firms Pursue Global Status,” which was published in the Latin Business Chronicle in May 2009. The article discussed how Latin American companies are now regularly making acquisitions around the world, and the issues, challenges and requirements for these deals in the region.

Mr. Aquila and Mr. Galvis were among 30 selected winners chosen from 1,000 submissions from the nation’s largest and most prestigious law firms. This is the ninth consecutive year that S&C lawyers have been honored as Burton Award winners. Mr. Aquila and Mr. Galvis are each repeat winners of a Burton Award. Mr. Aquila won the award in 2005 for his article, “Back to the Future! Recent Hostile Bids Make Takeover Defenses Relevant,” published in The M&A Lawyer, and Mr. Galvis won the award in 2004 for his article, “Sovereign Debt Restructurings – the Market Knows Best,” published in International Finance. The 2010 awards event will be held in Washington, D.C. on June 14. Mr. Cohen will chair the dinner.

Following the announcement, Latin Business Chronicle featured a story on Mr. Aquila and Mr. Galvis’ achievement. Mr. Aquila said, “Sergio Galvis and I are delighted to be recipients of the 2010 Burton Awards, particularly knowing that more than a thousand articles written by some of the top lawyers in the country were considered for this honor....We also are very appreciative that Latin Business Chronicle ran the article last year. Having written many pieces during the course of the year, I probably received more positive reactions from that article than any other I wrote during the…year.”