China Financial Futures Exchange

December 3, 2014
Shanghai, People's Republic of China

On December 3, Mr. Shenker gave a presentation at China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEx) on the history and development of asset securitization and the new U.S. regulations on financial derivatives. Mr. Shenker reviewed the tremendous growth of asset securitization over the last 30 years and provided his insights on the driving forces, as well as the pitfalls of this process and the recent regulatory changes mandated by the rules enacted under the Dodd-Frank Act. Similarly, Mr. Shenker also discussed the recent legal and regulatory developments in derivatives regulation, including the rules adopted under Dodd-Frank.

CFFEx is the only exchange for financial derivatives in the PRC. On the day of Mr. Shenker's visit, the trading volume of financial futures based on Chinese stock index at CFFEx reached its all-time record high.