36th Annual FIA Law and Compliance Division Conference

May 7-8, 2014
Baltimore, Maryland

On May 7 and 8, Mr. Raisler, Mr. Gilberg and Ms. Parker attended L&C 2014: 36th Annual Futures Industry Association Law and Compliance Division / Conference on the Regulation of Futures, Derivatives and OTC Products, held in Baltimore.

Mr. Raisler took part in a first panel, titled, “One-on-One with Former CFTC General Counsels,” in which he was interviewed by Walt Lukken, the president and chief executive officer of the Futures Industry Association. The interview explored a variety of CFTC topics, including reauthorization, mandatory clearing, cross border issues and CFTC challenges ahead. Mr. Raisler also co-moderated a second panel, titled, “There Are No Rogue Traders, Just Bad Supervision,” which focused on the requirements of Dodd-Frank’s Rule 166.3, the line of defense a supervisor should assume and courses of action when a potential problem is observed.

Mr. Gilberg participated on the panel, "EFRPs, Blocks, Wash Sales and Cross Trades: What Has Changed?" which focused on recent rule changes, interpretive notices and disciplinary actions surrounding ex-pit and automated trading. The panel also discussed what the SROs and firms are doing to conduct surveillance and what traders and brokers should do to comply with the rules.

Ms. Parker participated on the panel titled, "Chief Compliance Officer - First "Big" Year," which focused on the first full FCM and Swap Dealer Chief Compliance Officer Annual Reports, including how the preparation of the CCO Annual Report has changed a firm’s compliance processes, what material and personnel the CCO relied on to complete the first full CCO Annual Report, and the format of the CCO Annual Report. The panel also discussed the impact of substitute compliance on the CCO Annual Report submission for non-U.S. Swap Dealers.