Garrard Beeney Moderates Panel on 5G, the Internet of Things and Intellectual Property at ITU-NGMN Conference

January 29-30, 2019
Geneva, Switzerland

Garrard Beeney discussed 5G and intellectual property considerations as part of the panel “Licensing practices in 5G industry segments” at the ITU-NGMN Conference, held in Geneva, Switzerland on January 29-30. Garrard moderated the panel, which focused on the development of 5G and the issues stakeholders should consider, as well as requirements on patent pools and platforms and proposed practices for licensors and licensees in a 5G environment. Garrard addressed key issues in the emerging 5G environment in conjunction with intellectual property considerations, stating, “5G presents enormously exciting opportunities, not just for the use of this revolutionary technology but also for implementers and inventors to come together with innovative solutions that encourage and ease 5G use.” In also moderating the closing day discussion, Garrard focused on achieving a consensus on steps forward for licensing models that would reduce conflict and transactional costs.
Garrard Beeney, a National Law Journal intellectual property Trailblazer and Law360 MVP in intellectual property, is co-head of the Firm’s Intellectual Property and Technology Group and is widely recognized as a leading lawyer for his counsel to clients on intellectual property and licensing transactions and litigation matters.