IBA Annual Conference 2017

October 8-13, 2017
Sydney, Australia

Sergio Galvis, Renata Hesse, Waldo Jones and David Rockwell participated in panels of the International Bar Association Annual Conference 2017, which took place from October 8 to 13 in Sydney, Australia.

On October 9, David participated in a panel titled “Consumer protection and financial services: which approach is better, regulatory or private actions, and can they coexist?” On October 11, he also chaired a panel on “The Uses and Abuses of Non-GAAP Financial Information.”

On October 10, Sergio participated in a panel titled “From birth to death, the adventurous life of a mining project in Latin America.”

On October 10, Waldo participated in a panel titled “Selected topics in cross-border transactions.” The next day, he participated in a panel titled “Watch out for regulatory bottlenecks in public transactions.”

On October 11, Renata participated in a panel titled “Issues to be kept in mind by Dominant Firms, including exclusivity, rebates and bundling.” From Sydney, she traveled to Adelaide to participate in the 15th Annual Competition Law and Economics Workshop (co-hosted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the School of Law at the University of South Australia Business School), where she spoke on a panel titled “International Perspectives: International Competition Policy: Convergence vs. Divergence?” on October 13.

In addition to Sergio, Renata, Waldo and David, a number of our lawyers from the Sydney office and more than 225 external guests attended a breakfast reception the Firm hosted on October 12 in connection with the IBA Annual Conference. S&C has hosted breakfast receptions in connection with previous IBA Annual Conferences in Washington, D.C. (2016) and Tokyo (2014).