Global M&A Forum Hosted by Talklaw Global

July 7, 2015
London, England

On July 7, Messrs. DeLaMater and Perry participated in the Global M&A Forum organized by Talklaw Global and held at the Inner Temple in London. The Forum brought together M&A lawyers from one selected law firm in each of approximately 50 countries, to discuss recent developments and trends in M&A practice. Participants also included general counsel or other internal lawyers from a variety of global multinationals who joined several panel discussions and other sessions. Mr. DeLaMater spoke as the U.S. representative on a panel titled “Key Legal Trends in Global M&A,” focusing on the rise of shareholder activism and the interest in inversions and other acquisitions of U.S. companies by foreign buyers. Mr. Perry joined one of the networking sessions held to facilitate introductions of participants and discussion of issues of mutual interest.