Wall Street Journal Covers Rodgin Cohen’s Keynote Address at Institute of International Bankers Annual Washington Conference

March 13, 2017
Washington, District of Columbia

On March 13, Rodgin Cohen gave the opening keynote address at the Institute of International Bankers Annual Washington Conference. His topic was the outlook for the bank regulatory environment. Donald Toumey and Samuel Woodall also attended the conference.

That same day, the Wall Street Journal published an article covering Rodgin’s speech titled “Don’t Expect Total Repeal of Obama Financial Regulation, Top Lawyer Says.” The article notes that Rodgin said at the conference that the Trump administration’s “approach to deregulation won't be necessarily all inclusive or uniform and it's likely to focus on smaller and midsize banks. I think the focus will be more on repealing or revising the existing regulations as opposed to shaping or blocking new regulations.” He also discussed the potential for regulatory consolidation, saying, “Even if we can't get to consolidation generally, what we desperately need to do now is have consolidation of their cyber areas so that we have uniform cyber review of this existential threat to the banking industry.”