“Dealmaker of the Year” Fred Rich Featured in American Lawyer Video

April 12, 2011

Mr. Rich was a featured in an American Lawyer video accompanying the publication's “Dealmakers of the Year” coverage of his work in the $18 billion Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas Project. In the video, which was filmed at Mr. Rich's “Dealmakers of the Year” photo shoot, he and Latham partner Bill Voge discussed their experience of handling the funding for the massive project in an incredibly remote location, an undertaking that involved Exxon, the PNG government, 17 banks and six export credit agencies. “One of my clients noted [meetings] looked like a tennis match. I would make a speech and all the heads would turn that way, and then Bill would make a speech and all the heads would turn that way,” Mr. Rich said, acknowledging that management was key. He also noted that a site visit in the early stages of the project was important in shoring up commitment to effort. “It raises everyone's level of understanding, it gets people enthusiastic,” Mr. Rich said. “Papua New Guinea is a developing country. The political leaders, the tribal leaders, these people want a better life for their people. You can't help but be affected by that.”