S&C continues its decade-long relationship with Australia Pacific LNG
When S&C helped guide Australia Pacific LNG Processing (APLNG) through a $3.15 billion debt refinancing last year for its liquefied natural gas facility, we were familiar with the initial financing—after all, we helped put it in place. Our decade-long relationship with the Australian natural gas producer demonstrates how a close working partnership can deliver exceptional results.
Our relationship with APLNG dates back to 2009, when we began advising this joint venture among ConocoPhillips, Origin Energy and Sinopec. We later lent our expertise to the client’s $8.5 billion initial financing of its groundbreaking coal-seam-gas-to-LNG development in Queensland, Australia. We helped APLNG raise replacement debt in its $1.4 billion private placement of notes in 2018. This transaction was named IJGlobal Asia-Pacific’s 2018 “Midstream Oil & Gas Deal of the Year.”
A common thread through these transactions is our broad and deep experience advising clients in the natural resources sector, including the LNG space. Our decades of experience and our tailored solutions help clients navigate every twist in the lifecycle of a project and achieve their goals in varying market conditions. That’s one reason why Law360 named us a “Project Finance Practice Group of the Year” for 2019. Read more about our practice here.