For nearly a century, Sullivan & Cromwell has innovated U.S. and global securities law.
The Firm played a major role in the development of U.S. capital markets and was an important contributor to the drafting of securities laws, including the Securities Act of 1933.
Today, S&C is the leading law firm for U.S. and non-U.S. securities offerings by financial services companies. In particular, S&C is a leading firm for transactions involving capital securities issued by banking institutions, including common and preferred equity and more innovative hybrid securities. S&C provides comprehensive service for all phases of capital markets transactions, including:
  • developing capital instruments and advising on the requirements of the capital guidelines applicable to issuers, such as the Basel III guidelines for banking organizations;
  • structuring, timing and tax planning;
  • publicity and research on new offerings;
  • prospectus preparation;
  • regulatory and corporate law; and
  • negotiation of agreements, trust indentures, fiscal energy agreements and other transaction documents.