Bob Giuffra and Scott Miller Featured in Bloomberg’s “Leading Questions”

March 29, 2021

Vice chairs Bob Giuffra and Scott Miller were featured in the latest edition of Bloomberg's “Leading Questions,” discussing their work, strategies to attract and retain clients, and how the Firm is handling uncertainties stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.
“There are activities that have been delayed, plans that have changed,” Scott told Bloomberg. “But for the most part, it largely has been business as usual for our firm.” Scott noted that S&C just went through “maybe the most successful recruiting season we've ever had,” largely accomplished virtually.
Bob pointed out that the firm has weathered previous crises, including 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy. “Each one of these crises has positioned us better,” he said. “We were able to put in place processes that have allowed us to work remotely in a way that 10 years ago would have been impossible.”
Bob and Scott also spoke about the Firm's commitment to diversity, their advice for young lawyers, and the challenges that keep them up at night. To read the full interview, click here.