Don Korb and Andy Solomon on the State of U.S. Tax Reform

In an article written earlier this week and published in the Tax Journal, Don Korb and Andy Solomon analyze the current state of tax reform efforts and the alternatives moving forward. May 5, 2017
Five months after President Trump took office, initial optimism for early implementation of a broad-based tax reform has begun to fade. Both proponents and opponents of comprehensive tax reform now see the real possibility of stalemate. At present, the U.S. House Republican tax reform plan is taking criticism from conservatives as well as liberals. Furthermore, although Donald Trump has been in office since January 20, it was just last week that the Trump administration finally unveiled its broad principles for tax reform. Add to the mix that the repeal of Obamacare, which was to precede tax reform, has been stalled in the House. Consequently, some observers are beginning to say that the whole tax reform project is in doubt. Yet, there are still plenty of options available for some sort of tax reform bill to ultimately result from this process. Continue reading here.