S&C Career & Alumni

Resource Center


The Firm’s Career and Alumni Resource Center is available to all lawyers who join S&C, whether they pursue partnership or another path. Our services are available to both current and former lawyers—at any point in their careers, from their first day at the Firm through retirement, and include:

  • Customized career counseling in support of your personal career objectives
  • Facilitated access to the Firm’s alumni, clients, colleagues and friends
  • Placement with legal and non-legal employers
  • ​Networking opportunities at business seminars and social events 

Meet Da-Wai Hu, Associate General Counsel at Amazon 

An S&C alum taps into the Career and Alumni Resource Center to benefit his team.

Da-Wai Hu, a former General Practice associate at S&C and current Associate General Counsel at Amazon, recognizes the value in the S&C Career and Alumni Resource Center as a tool for alumni to get in touch with each other and also for current S&C lawyers who may be interested in exploring alternative career paths.

“We now have 25 S&C alumni working at Amazon, including five former S&C lawyers serving as Associate General Counsel in the Legal Department,” says Da-Wai.

“It has always been highly attractive to Amazon to hire lawyers from S&C because we have confidence not only in the substance of their training but in the cultural fit as well,” he explains.

“When we recruit from S&C, we know that we are bringing in people who have a track record of tremendous success, who have been well trained in the practice of law, and who have the kind of DNA that we are looking for in terms of how lawyers work and how lawyers think.”

Since joining Amazon in 2012, Da-Wai has frequently been in touch with current and former S&C lawyers. Some of his most successful hiring decisions have been connected through the S&C Career and Alumni Resource Center. “Without the ability to establish these connections, I don't know that I would have found these candidates on my own,” he says.

Da-Wai also credits our associate training program and generalist practice model with contributing to the cultural similarities between Amazon and S&C. “The Firm does a wonderful job of teaching the importance of relentlessly striving for excellence—what unparalleled client service means, what it takes to practice law at the highest level of skills, and the work that's required to go behind it,” he says. “At Amazon, we regularly work on some of the most complex, cutting-edge legal issues. This is a place where people are passionate about their work, exercise strong judgment and deliver on their responsibilities without fail. Everyone is committed to going above and beyond.”

Da-Wai personally attributes his current success at Amazon to his time at S&C. “I owe a great part of my career development to the training and mentorship that I found at the Firm. I remain extremely grateful to my former colleagues who have taught me so much.”