Alana Longmoore, Ann-Elizabeth Ostrager and Kamil Shields Author Article for Financier Worldwide

May 2, 2022

Alana Longmoore, Ann-Elizabeth Ostrager and Kamil Shields authored the article, “Increased focus on corporate culture and implications for workplace investigations,” for Financier Worldwide. The authors discuss how the recent increase in corporate culture investigations has been prompted by demands from customers, employees and other stakeholders, as well as heightened regulator interest.
The authors discuss how companies have increasingly used workplace culture investigations as a tool to establish themselves as good corporate citizens, while also addressing the risks in undertaking these investigations, including privilege considerations. In conclusion, they note that while companies should assess all of the consequences of engaging in such a review, “the recent rise in both reactive and proactive investigations suggests that more companies are making the ultimate determination that corporate culture matters.”