Mark Welshimer and Andy Gladin Co-author Chapter on U.S. Capital and Liquidity Regulation of Foreign Banking Organizations

August 19, 2013

Messrs. Welshimer and Gladin co-authored the chapter titled, “U.S. Capital and Liquidity Regulation of Foreign Banking Organizations,” in the 7th Edition of Regulation of Foreign Banks in the United States, a guide to the laws governing foreign banks in the United States. The chapter focuses on capital and liquidity implications for FBOs and their U.S. operations of rules proposed by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board under Dodd-Frank; the Federal Reserve Board’s evaluation of an FBO’s capital and liquidity at “points of entry”; ongoing evaluation of an FBO’s own capital and liquidity as part of the supervisory and examination process in the United States; and the ongoing capital and liquidity regulation of FBOs’ U.S. operations.