Michael Wiseman, Sharon Nelles and Marc Trevino Discuss Strategies for Handling Early Stages of a Corporate Crisis

January 22, 2013

On January 11, Bank Director published the article, “The Corporate First Responder: 15 Questions to Consider When a Corporate Crisis Strikes,” co-authored by Mr. Wiseman, Ms. Nelles and Mr. Trevino. The article presented 15 questions to consider at the outset of any crisis investigation, including, among others, “has the conduct stopped?” and “did the conduct affect the books and records of the enterprise or suggest weakness in financial controls?” Mr. Wiseman, Ms. Nelles and Mr. Trevino expanded on how asking such questions helps decision-makers shed light on a situation, providing valuable insight into what areas are of greatest concern or need to be addressed most quickly in the event of a corporate crisis.