Frank Aquila Authors Column on America’s Future in Bloomberg Businessweek

November 22, 2011

On November 22, Mr. Aquila authored a column titled, “Why I’m Thankful for America’s Future” that appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek. The column discussed America’s bright economic future despite several years of financial crisis and recession. Mr. Aquila acknowledged the economic difficulties the United States has experienced over the last four years and recognized the strong economic growth in China, Brazil, India and the emerging markets, but he noted that with international growth comes economic opportunity for the United States. He stated that democracy, limited government, individual freedom and capitalism are “the four legs upon which our economic table is built,” and how America’s higher education system gives the United States an economic competitive advantage. The author concluded that Thanksgiving and Black Friday are apt analogies for the U.S. economy, stating that, “While we may appear lethargic after seconds of turkey and pumpkin pie, we are nevertheless out of bed before dawn the next morning to seize the opportunity for great bargains. That is the resilience of the American people.”