Frank Aquila and Melissa Sawyer Co-Author Article on M&A Activity

December 2011

Mr. Aquila and Ms. Sawyer co-authored a year-end review titled, “The Hangover: 2011 in Review and What to Expect in 2012” in the November/December issue of The M&A Lawyer. In the article, the authors reviewed key trends in the past year as well as what to expect in 2012. Mr. Aquila and Ms. Sawyer noted the promising deal activity in the beginning of 2011, followed by a disappointing downturn after the first quarter in light of political and economic instability across the globe. Despite the decline in activity in 2011, the authors observed a promising outlook for 2012, specifically in terms of big-name conglomerate break-ups; IPO markets in China; and lively shareholder activists.