Alison Ressler Profiled by Columbia Law School Magazine

October 2011

The fall issue of Columbia Law School magazine profiled Ms. Ressler as a featured alumna in an article titled, “Alison Ressler: The Dealmaker.” The article explored Ms. Ressler’s career since graduating from Columbia Law School, highlighting her influential roles within the Firm as co-head of the global Private Equity Group, and serving on S&C’s Management Committee as both the first female member and lawyer outside of the New York office to do so. In discussing her move from New York City to Los Angeles to be one of the first lawyers to staff the Firm’s L.A. office, Ms. Ressler said, “We really are very much one firm. We think of the U.S. as the left arm, Europe as the right arm, and Asia as the legs. Our lawyers work seamlessly with each other across the globe.”

The article also discussed Ms. Ressler’s election to partner one year ahead of schedule and at a time when no S&C lawyer had made partner without practicing in the New York office first. She explained that the Firm is a true meritocracy and said, “I try to teach young lawyers not to cut corners. If you’re going to do something, make sure you do it well. That’s been my attitude from day one, and it’s, frankly, why I’ve had the success that I’ve had.”