Tracy Richelle High Quoted in Book on Success Strategies For Women of Color in Law

November 2011

Ms. High was quoted in What It Takes: How Women of Color Can Thrive Within the Practice of Law by Monica Parker, published by the American Bar Association Publishing in 2010. The book discussed strategies by female lawyers on how to succeed in business. Ms. High highlights the importance of having a positive attitude, taking advantage of opportunities, particularly when working with a partner, and adapting to new environments. Ms. High said, “As a junior, your key asset is having a good attitude. Of course, there’s also working hard and paying attention to detail. When you do these things, people want to work with you, and learn to trust you, and to rely on you. This is how you will get more substantive responsibilities over time.” Ms. High also comments on what it is like to be a female woman of color in the business environment. “I’m a black woman. I’m very proud of it. I would not be at a place where I couldn’t be myself,” she said.