Sergio Galvis Quoted in Latin Lawyer Article on Evolving Relationships Between Local and Foreign Firms in Latin America

December 5, 2011

On September 23, S&C hosted a roundtable organized by Latin Lawyer, during which lawyers from leading international and Latin American law firms discussed the role of international and local counsel in cross-border Latin American transactions. A December 5 follow-on article in Latin Lawyer titled, “Level Playing Field,” noted that at the roundtable, “Sergio Galvis linked the evolution of the relationship between local and international firms to the shift in work done since the late 1980s, as the legal work moved from debt crises and into ‘new money transactions.’” Mr. Galvis was quoted on the advantages of a close collaboration among firms in the region. “The reality is we are able to deliver a much better service to clients because of the increased capabilities of local lawyers and international lawyers doing deals in region. Deals work best, and clients are most satisfied, when there are top lawyers in multiple jurisdictions who work together effectively.” Latin Lawyer added, “Sullivan & Cromwell even thinks about it from a training perspective to reflect that; the Firm’s partners focus on teaching junior associates how to work most effectively with counsel in other jurisdictions.”