Tim Emmerson Discusses European M&A Outlook in Europe

November 23, 2011

On November 23, TheDeal.com's Deal Pipeline featured an interview with Mr. Emmerson discussing his views on the current M&A landscape in Europe and his predictions for the remainder of the year. “Right now, the M&A situation is depressed,” said Mr. Emmerson. “I believe there is going to be an uptick next year because the Euro crisis is going to force sales of a variety of assets.” When asked about motivating factors behind buyers in Asia, Mr. Emmerson noted the impact of the CFIUS legislation, as well as the long-term considerations behind Chinese M&A and the evaluation of deals with greater reference to strategic impact than to pure value considerations. Mr. Emmerson also commented on the lack of protectionism in the United Kingdom. “It's a fundamentally un-English idea. The U.K. economy and the whole U.K. way of thinking about economics and trading is fundamentally free-trade.”