Rodge Cohen Noted in The New York Times Dealbook Article

February 22, 2012

On February 22, Mr. Cohen was mentioned in The New York Times Dealbook article titled, “The Divide Between Banking and Bankruptcy.” The article referred to the recently held Wharton Restructuring and Turnaround Conference where Mr. Cohen discussed how the collapse of Lehman Brothers illustrated a rare meeting of banking and bankruptcy law. The article noted, “H. Rodgin Cohen was generally supportive of the new orderly liquidation authority, wondering aloud what more could have been done to answer the problem of distressed, too big to fail institutions.” Bryan Marsal, representative of the F.D.I.C., offered a different perspective by suggesting to force banks into a utility model as the only way to manage the problem of liquidating a big financial institution. The article reviewed how the divide demonstrates the need for policy reforms in this area.