Rodge Cohen Discusses Outlook for Europe’s Economy and Future of U.S. Financial Regulation on Bloomberg TV

February 3, 2012

On February 3, Mr. Cohen discussed the outlook for Europe's economy and potential effects of upcoming U.S. financial regulation on Bloomberg TV's “Money Moves.” When asked about the future of Greece and the European Union, Mr. Cohen said he is optimistic about finding a solution to Europe's economic problems. He observed, “I'm more optimistic because of the laser-like focus now by the entire European community and the world at large on the necessity of solving Greece and the bigger necessity of solving Europe.” However, Mr. Cohen underscored the importance of allowing Europe to solve its own problems. When asked about the future of U.S. financial regulation and how it is affecting Wall Street, Mr. Cohen said the impending regulations do call for concern. Mr. Cohen continues to discuss the effects of future regulation surrounding Dodd-Frank and Basel III as well as potential implications of the Volcker Rule on Wall Street.