Rodge Cohen Discusses Future of Housing, Banks and Corporate Governance on Bloomberg Radio

December 23, 2011

On December 23, Mr. Cohen was a guest on the Bloomberg Radio show, “Bloomberg Surveillance,” where he discussed the future of housing issues, banks and corporate governance in 2012. When asked how he would fix the housing situation, Mr. Cohen responded, “The first thing I would do is try and push as quickly as possible to achieve the settlement of these prolonged negotiations between the servicers and multiple government agencies so money can start to flow into the housing market and relief can start to come, and the foreclosure mechanisms will work.” Mr. Cohen agreed that banks should renegotiate mortgages on a case by case basis, although he explained, “it is going to be difficult…to do it case by case, so [there] may have to be some broad guidelines, but I think moving in that direction makes a lot of sense.”