The Australian Financial Review Features S&C’s Work in Australia

March 11, 2011

The March 11 issue of The Australian Financial Review featured an article about S&C’s practice in Australia, and quoted Mr. Shenker, Mr. Chu and Mr. Jones. The article, “Keeping it Small Pays Off for U.S. Firm,” noted that S&C’s “relatively restrained growth insulated it from the ravages of the global financial crisis.”

Mr. Shenker explained that the firm’s business model differs from many U.S. firms, as “we prefer to grow organically, and build for the long term.” That approach relies on high-partner leverage for the “pursuit of excellence projects,” he added, saying the S&C’s relatively small size allows the Firm to focus on quality and lawyers to form close working relationships. As Mr. Chu put it, “We don’t open and close offices on a routine basis. For us, there really needs to be a clear strategic rationale.” Mr. Jones pointed out that the Firm offers only U.S. legal advice and works closely with Australian firms on matters of local law.