Am Law Daily Features Q&A with Garrard Beeney

April 8, 2011

The April 8 edition of The Am Law Daily featured a Q&A with Mr. Beeney. Titled, “The S&C Attorney Who Took on Arkansas’s Adoption Law,” the interview discussed Mr. Beeney’s role in leading S&C’s pro bono efforts to obtain a victory on behalf of the plaintiffs in Cole v. Arkansas. The April 7 decision in Arkansas Supreme Court struck down, on constitutional grounds, a state law banning unmarried individuals cohabitating with a sexual partner from adopting children or serving as foster parents, legislation that was widely seen as being aimed at gay couples, who are prohibited from marrying in Arkansas. “I’ve always been interested in, broadly speaking, discrimination issues,” Mr. Beeney told Am Law. “The more I learn about discrimination faced by gays and lesbians, the more I realize that this is the one civil rights issue in our country that we have a long way to go on.” He noted that Ms. Friedman and a team of eight associates and two paralegals “played a critical role in the case.” Mr. Beeney said, “Ms. Friedman argued the summary judgment motion, on which we prevailed before the circuit court. The team conducted 50 depositions. It was as big an effort as some of our more complex antitrust litigation matters.”